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Isabel Bacardit


Recent Work
Recent Work
Biographical Notes

Drum Life
2010/2011 Barcelona

11 works of this series


We are the Seed
2009/2010 Barcelona

4 works of this series


2006/2008 Lliurona, Ventalló, Barcelona

5 works of this series


The king of fools
2004/2005 Amsterdam

During it's second stance with the theatre company "Azart Ship of Fools", she makes the sets for the play to be represented in Amsterdam's local TV and some protraits of August Dirks, the ship's captain and the director of the company.

5 works of this series


2004, Vilarnadal (Girona)

One hundred watercolours painted during the last year of her stance in Vilarnadal

2 works of this series


With our skirts in the wind we'll lift the concrete
2003, Switzerland

Installation made during the encounter of women artists "In Via" in Splugen (Suiza).

1 picture


Fire, water, air and earth
2000/2003, Vilarnadal (Girona)

The magic of nature emerges, with its mythological beings, full of spirits, fairies and giants. A symbolic world which will form its own cosmogony.

20 works of this series


2000/2002 Way of Sant Jaume

Series made to remember the peregrination walking along the catalan Way of Sant Jaume.

7 works of this series


Godesses, women of strength
1999, Vilarnadal (Girona)

She takes up the theme of the godesses of the elements of nature again. Women as source of life and power.

17 works of this series


Murals of the "Molí d'en Ferrero"
1999, Vilarnadal (Girona)

She decorates the walls of her house with images of nature spirits.

11 pictures


The Pilgrim to the End of the World
1998/1999, Mallorca, Roses, Barcelona, voyage with The Azart Ship of Fools

She collaborates with the Dutch travelling theatre company The Azart Ship of Fools in the play "La Peregrina al Fin del Mundo". She acts and creates decoration and masks.

19 works of this series


Couch and elements
1998, Mallorca

Series of only three paintings, in memory of the painter, Xavier Vidal i Banchs.

1 work of this series


1996/1997, Barcelona

Small magazine, created in collaboration with: Cati Fernández, Primitiva Reverter, Aina, Judit Bacardit, Montse Baqués, Mercè Candó, Lalo Guzmán, and others. Handmade, photocopied and distributed for free. Edited in Barcelona and Mexico.

8 works of this series


Performance "Zapatería Zapata"
1995/1997, Barcelona and Mexico

She produces this action/installation serveral times with the intention to collect funds for Chiapas. She simulates a shoe-cleaner who instead of polishing shoes, paints them.

Pictures of performance taking part at "pati Manning" (Barcelona)


Pro morte
1996, Barcelona

Three poetical-musical actions based on the poem "Altazor" by Vicente Huidobro, in protest against the destruction of emblematic places and buildings in Barcelona.

2 pictures of performace


1994/1996, Barcelona

Continuation of the previous series on the four elements. First apparition in her work of the woman as a goddess of life.

11 works of this series


Marinas of Galeao
1994/1996, Barcelona

Work inspired in the memories of her time spent in the village of Galeao (Bahia, Brasil).

1 work of this series


Gérard de Nerval has hanged himself and Maribel cries with the birds
1995, Barcelona

Painting done after reading the poems by Gérard de Nerval.

1 work of this series


Installation: Since always, until when, since always
1994, Granada

Three installations set up in the "Plaza de las Armas" in Granada during the meeting of "Acciones de Arte en la Calle" (Street Art Actions).

1 work of this series


Earth, water, air and fire
1992/1993, Valparaíso (Chile)

Earth my body
Water my blood
Air my breath
Fire my spirit

5 works of this series


Scupltoric works made in Chile
1992/1993, Santiago de Chile

The main work of this period is the sculpture made of papier-maché, build on request of the "Centro Cultural Las Condes" in Santiago de Chile, in honor of the flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya.

8 works of this series


1991, Santiago de Chile

Landscapes of Bahia, painted in Chile, inspired by the recent memories of her time in Brazil.

4 works of this series


Erotic series
1990, Río de Janeiro (Brasil)

The power of the colour, climate and people of the country suffuse this series of mad erotism. It is sex in it's purest form.

9 drawings of this series


Living Nature
1989, Santa Coloma de Farnés (Girona)

Works in big format created in the middle of nature. Her quest for life reflects itself in works full of light and transparencies. She uses pigment in a technique similar to watercolours.

15 works of this series


Erotic series
1988, Mallorca

Small sized works on blocs of card bought in East Berlin. This work arose after the return from Berlin, without apparent motive, influenced by the mediterranean light.

1 work of this series


The right to live in peace | Theater of Death
1988, Mallorca

After witnessing the representations of "Wielopole Wielopole" and "Que revienten los artistas" (Let the artists burst) by Tadeusz Kantor, she meets again with the theme of life and death.

45 works of this series


This, my silence
1987, Berlin

Exteriors from the Wall-divided city of Berlin with the buildings showing the scars from the war.

1 work of this series


María Magdalena cries
1985/1986, Barcelona

Period conposed of two series: "Accidents", with motives taken from newspaper photographs; and "Disasters of war", inspired by the engravings of Goya.

2 works of this series


Bruitismus, performances
1985/1986, Barcelona

Together with Montse Baqués and Ariel Reinhard she forms the group Bruitismus which produces several performaces.

Pictures of performance taking part at the Tarrega's International Theater Festival (Spain)


Images from the balcony
1983/1984, Barcelona

Series inspired by scenes of daily life observed from the balcony of the studio.

10 works of this series


Sixtine Chapel
1983, Barcelona

Studies based on the faces in the frescoes of Michelangelo's Sixtine Chapel.

1 work of this series




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